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Practicing Conversational Hypnosis

Hypnosis activities will never be separated from communication, whether it is done openly (overt) or covertly (covert). The application of conversational hypnosis which seems covert, of course, makes this activity unknown and cannot be realized by the subject, it is clear that this is an extraordinary persuasion tool and proves the power of conversational hypnosis. Then the question is, how is it possible that when doing conversational hypnosis the subject will not know and be aware of it?

Here’s a simple explanation, in practicing conversational hypnosis we don’t need to ask permission or approval from the subject first, don’t need special conditioning, and just use natural conversation without involving trance sleep. As a result, the subject will feel involved in an ordinary conversation, even though he unconsciously has been in a trance state and suggestions are continuously launched into his subconscious mind.

Learning conversational hypnosis or conversational hypnosis is not aimed at changing communication styles, instead of by utilizing a natural communication style but full of powerful persuasion techniques to make the subject more obedient. This needs to be understood because when we change the style of communication, the subject who already knows us well will feel something strange which eventually disconnects the connection between our subconscious mind and the subject.

How to practice conversational hypnosis can be started by determining the goal or outcome first. Don’t let us not have a clear goal. For example, when practicing this with people we don’t know, the first goal is to get a cellphone number, email, or maybe a home address.

The second is to make the subject feel comfortable and safe with himself around him. This is the first key to success in conversational hypnosis. So, as long as the subject does not feel safe and comfortable with us, then the outcome that we have set at the beginning will never be achieved.

Next, make the subject enter a natural trance state needed in conversational hypnosis activities. Then we observe and assess the trance signals that appear in the subject, at this time if we judge that we have entered the required trance state, suggestions, ideas or ideas will enter the subject’s subconscious mind.