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These Things May Clog Your Pipes

Impossible? Not. There are still many cases of ‘spectacular discoveries’ in the form of sanitary napkins stuck in water pipes both at home or in public places. In terms of the size of the components that make up one sanitary napkin, we feel that there is no need to explain why the sanitary napkin should not escape into the toilet or other waterways at home. Provide a small trash can in your home toilet to anticipate things like this. On the other hand, check out the excellent miracle rooter.


Familiar with the misconception that eggshell pieces can smooth the running of water in the house’s ducts or pipes? In fact, the eggshells actually participated in causing the house water pipe to jam. In addition, the shell membrane which is the second outermost layer after the shell is also classified as dense and endangers the work of water pipes at home.

Skin and fibers in the fruit

Small pieces of fruit skin often fall off in the dishwasher during the cutting process. Sometimes we just let it go until in the end they piled up and made a water pipe home jammed. Besides that, the fibers in the fruit (as we can find in oranges) also play a role in blocking water pipes in the house because of their hard-to-melt nature.

Flour and other types of fiber food

Flour leftover cooking if left unchecked can end up and end up making the house water pipe stuck. Besides flour, you also need to be aware of other types of foods made from fiber. Take a sample of potatoes; like noodles, potatoes can also swell if they are left too long to settle. Its enlarged size will obviously make the house water pipe jam. To avoid this from happening, make sure there are no small bits of residue left in the drains, especially in the sink.